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Living Mastery Steve Davis
A way of being that calls forth your full potential!
Steve Davis


Assessment, Training, and Coaching

We provide assessment, training, and coaching to business and educational organizations who seek integrated teams and peak performance from all of their employees.

Our approach identifies and facilitates the removal of barriers within individuals and teams which stand in the way of their full potential."

We are certified distributors of the DISC assessment profiles and use them to maximize the process of employee selection, development and coaching.

Mastery Unlimited was formed recently to pool the resources of a group of educators, professionals and coaches to serve the needs of the broader educational and corporate sectors.

Consulting Services Include

  • Vision development and strategic planning.
  • Facilitation of staff team building and problem solving sessions. Ongoing coaching to implement programs via site visits, cyber coaching (e-mail), telephone bridges, staff retreats, and staff meetings.
  • Training in facilitation and coaching skills for managers, counselors, and educators.
  • Facilitation of the design and implementation of collaborative partnerships between business and education and the development of self-mastery curriculum.
  • Development of a new approach to college "work experience" using the Master Worker model developed by Business, Industry and Government and Education.
  • Delivery of tailor-made learning workshops on stress management, conflict resolution, change management, communications, and other "master worker" competencies. We use a learning cycle consisting of 4 steps: power exercise, debrief, knowledge and resources, and practical application.
  • Grant proposal writing.
  • Personality, behavioral, and values inventories and assessments such as Myers-Briggs, DISC, and Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI).


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