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Living Mastery Steve Davis

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While I like to think I can help most anyone with anything, I tend to work best with the following kinds of people and situations:

Life Changes

Help people make difficult transitions such as leaving long-term relationships; changing careers; making the shift from consumer to citizen; etc. I've made all of these changes myself. They are not always easy, but they are all doable and often rewarding when they are approach with an open heart and mind. I'll do my best to help you tip the scales from fear and dread to a hopeful embrace around any change you are facing.

Spiritual Emergence

spiritual_emergenceWaking up and walking in a world asleep can be a lonely journey. Yet, once awake, there is no going back, not for long at least. And there is no freedom like awakening to the freedom of boundless consciousness that you are. I love walking this journey with others and it's so important that we not do it alone.

Paradigm Shifting

If you're struggling with a persistent challenge, I'd be happy to help you explore it in such a way that might change your relationship to it so that it's no longer a problem. I practice an eclectic blend of modalities that offer a powerful, gentle, and respectful alternative to cognitive therapy that typically produces profound and lasting results, commensurate with one's willingness. Sessions usually take 60-90 minutes, and rarely need to be repeated. If you're interested in a private or group phone session, contact me to discuss it.


Facilitators and Trainers

coachingMost of us have been raised as passive participants sitting in front of some type of expert. When we have the opportunity to stand in front of a room as a teacher, training, speaker, or facilitator, it's easy to fall back into playing this role in the way it has been modeled for us. However, participants get more from you and your groups when they are stimulated and engaged with you and each other. I love helping facilitators, trainers, and speakers design workshops and define their roles such that their groups get the most from their time together.


So many of us are struggling with visible signs of stress and poor self-care. And all of us are subjected to innumerable unseen stressors on the physical, social, and psychological levels. How does one live a healthy, integrated life in such a fragmented world? We all need help with this. I've been on a healing odyssey on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels for the past 20 years. I look forward to helping others restore their health and wellness in a not so healthy society.

Women in Business

business_womanAs an intuitive feeler raised by concrete parents, schooled as an engineer, and entrenched for years working in the Defense Industry, I always felt out of place. The heart and soul of what I felt to be important, and which I feel to be the most important in whatever we do, was discounted and marginalized during the first half of my life. Through the journey of recovering my heart and soul, I developed a pretty good balance between masculine & feminine, concrete & intuitive. As a result, it seems I've gained an appreciation for the struggles many women undergo in a man's world, and have helped many regain their natural gifts of a loving compassionate heart while still being effective and competent in the linear world of business.


I believe that the fear and uncertainty that many people have over public speaking and presenting can change just as quickly and just as easily as changing how you see yourself, your role, and your audience. Like most people, I was never able to draw very well...just stick figures and scribbles. Then in my 20's, I picked up a brilliant book called Drawing on the right Side of the Brain. It very simply taught me to see things differently when I drew. And seemingly overnight, I was able to produce, what I thought were really good drawings. I've helped myself and many others over the years get more comfortable with presenting by changing perspectives and drawing on some of the tools of facilitation. What if only a change of mind could have you looking forward to these opportunities?


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