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Living Mastery Steve Davis
A way of being that calls forth your full potential!
Steve Davis


My clients are successful people seeking to build lives aligned with their passions. They are creative and sensitive people who are "in the game," looking for support, feedback, fellowship and community.

I work with the following types of clients:

  • Executives and CEO's
    Do you have a life outside your work? Would you like one? It is possible to be in the top 5% of your profession and still have a rewarding personal life. In fact, a balanced and happy life may be the secret to getting to the top of your profession. I'll help you take care of what may be getting in the way of you having a satisfying personal life. I also help you create systems, improve your organizational and people skills, and shift your personal paradigms so that you can perform at higher levels with less effort. As your coach, I'll serve as a trusted confidant who'll tell you the truth, offer a sounding board for your ideas and perspectives, and champion your vision, goals, and dreams.

  • Professional Women
    I've met countless professional women with great hearts and minds who sacrifice themselves to worn out ideas about how they should live. These beautiful human beings forgot how to use their power, and sometime, they're not even aware that they have any! Does this sound familiar? Are you thinking so little of yourself and your needs that you don't know who you are anymore? Don't worry, there's still hope. Changing your life is simply a matter of making different choices. I love challenging and supporting successful women to unlearn self-defeating habits, to put themselves first, to set personal boundaries, and to clarify and orient around their true values, so that they can have all they want in their lives. I'd love to help you recover your power!

  • College Students
    The current generation of young adults (Gen-Xers) is stepping into an incredibly complex world. There are so many choices and so many challenges; it's often difficult to see through the haze to realize the abundant opportunities available to you. You see the world much differently than your parents, and rightfully so, because it is so different and demands many new perspectives. I feel that you play a pivotal role in the future of this planet, to which I plan to contribute by helping you navigate this "permanent white water." As your mentor and partner, I'll help you sort out what's really important, help you get it, and share the wisdom of my experience whenever you need it.

  • Entrepreneurs
    Are you a small business owner seeking to develop a strong presence on the Internet but just can't seem to get there? Many experts say that businesses not on the Internet won't even be in business in five years. So if you're concerned about not being online, you have a right to be! I provide turnkey website development and marketing, assisted by my alliance with a major Internet marketing group. With my coaching, your business will become more profitable through improved focus and accountability, and from increased business via the Internet.

  • Scientists and Engineers
    Are you a technical professional, great at what you do, but realizing it's now time to work on your people skills, or create a more inclusive personal life? I've been there. You see, I'm a recovering engineer myself, well on the road to embracing a much larger life beyond my work. I understand where you're coming from and have lots of experience helping people develop improved communication and relating skills; skills that will enhance both your career and your personal life.

  • Stuggling with a difficult transition?
    Are you struggling with a difficult transition like a divorce, a major loss, retirement, a career change, etc.? I've been through many of these transitions myself and I know how difficult it can be. I'm an unconditionally supportive and compassionate collaborator who'll help you sort things out, pick up the pieces, clarify your path, and help you to stay on it. If any of the above descriptions fit you, if even just a little, please visit my forum and share a little bit about yourself, your situation, and your aspirations. I'll happily provide you feedback and support and welcome you to do the same for others that have posted there as well. Or contact me directly to take advantage of my free coaching session and newsletter. I really look forward to hearing from you!

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